Full Stack Developer

PostedApril 23, 2018
DeadlineJune 30, 2018
PositionFull Time
CiteRight Inc.


We’re turning law firms’ flat file systems into an intelligent knowledge graph that lets lawyers see the big picture, reuse their colleagues’ work, and go home early.

Litigators have been saving work to their shared hard drives for more than twenty years, and they’re sitting on mountains of potentially useful documents. But unlike their colleagues who spend their days drafting contracts, litigators and legal researchers still don’t have good tools to recycle their prior work. Their law firms still waste millions of hours every year duplicating what their colleagues at the same firm have already done — manually copying and pasting text from one window to another. That takes time that clients won’t pay for anymore.

CiteRight lets litigators and legal researchers recycle their colleagues’ knowledge, experience, and successes. That lets them work faster and produce better work for their clients.

Job Description

We’re hiring a full-stack developer with complementary skills to join our small team that’s tacking big challenges in legal knowledge.

This is a role for a developer who’s comfortable with both server-side and front-end development, using a mix of leading edge and legacy technologies (Node.js/MongoDB on the backend; C#/.NET on the front end).

To do this job well, you need to be able to think fast and be comfortable learning what you don’t know just yet.

We’re looking for someone to become an integral part of the company and play an important role in our growth. We’re looking for talented people who want to move fast, think quick, and have fun!

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Additional Skills

You should have 2 or more years experience with *every* part of the following tech stack:

* Node.js
* Typescript
* MongoDB
* C#/.NET