Machine Learning Engineer (NLP) - Remote

PostedAugust 27, 2020
DeadlineSeptember 30, 2020
PositionFull Time, Paid


Alexsei is a service for answering complex legal questions at scale. By design, we are aggregating the world’s legal research data in order to build a truly autonomous lawyer. Specifically, Alexsei is a web-based platform that provides a fast and affordable service for lawyers to get answers to their legal research questions and a user interface for lawyers to manage all their legal research data.

Job Description


Alexsei is a legal AI startup on a mission to autonomously provide answers to any legal question. We are a team of software engineers and lawyers working hard to achieve our long-term mission of making the law more accessible; that is, easier to understand more quickly and affordably.

We are looking for a talented Machine Learning Engineer, more specifically in Natural Language Processing, with experience writing production-level code and a background in architecture development to implement our cutting-edge models. The candidate will be contributing towards building a massive architecture for domain-specific natural language understanding. The role entails everything from data collection, cleaning, pre-processing, and data lifecycle management to designing and building architecture systems, to training models, testing and deploying on the cloud.

The ideal candidate is excited to help guide the direction of our product and company. They will have a significant amount of ownership of critical technical components. Our team is growing rapidly and we hope you’ll grow with us too!


  • – Working with a huge corpus of text data
  • – Deep learning – lots of it!
  • – Systems design
  • – Cloud architecture development
  • – Undergraduate degree in Computer Science/Engineering or a similar field heavy on math, experimentation and programming. Masters and PhD candidates are also welcome to apply.
  • – Minimum of 2 years of experience in natural language processing and/or cloud architecture development (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).
  • – You are able to work full-time (40 hours per week).
  • – You must have an understanding of why a Machine Learning algorithm does what it does – brush up on the basic math behind all the magic.
  • – Experience with basic Python libraries such as Numpy, Pandas, NLTK, CoreNLP, spaCy, etc.
  • – Experience using at least one of the open-source tools like Tensorflow, PyTorch, Keras, etc.
  • – Experience with REST APIs (using and building)


Bonus Points:

  • – A cool NLP project, prototype or web application you worked on. We’d love to see a demo.
  • – You’ve gotten your hands dirty with one or more Apache open source tools like Airflow, Solr, Spark, Lucene, Tika, etc.
  • – Experience with Neural Networks, AWS SageMaker, Deep Learning.
  • – Experience with Information Retrieval, ElasticSearch, Relational Databases, Graph Databases.
  • – You’re updated on the latest in NLP, think thought vectors.
Job Benefits
  • – Work for a cool AI startup! We are building something legit and impactful, not just another app.
  • – Flexible work hours and location. We’re cool with remote work!
  • – Contribute to building components of a large-scale pipeline for next-gen AI-powered search.
  • – Learn practical use and integration of machine learning in a real-world application.
  • – Get in on the ground floor with a growing software development team.