Lead Law


students on legal innovation and what 21st century law means, along with principles of design thinking that will contribute to their future success in the legal industry.


with a community of thought leaders and changemakers that will inspire you to constantly create and innovate to better serve consumers of legal services.


students to be a carrier of the legal innovation message, to embrace a mindset of change, to think from the consumer out, and become mindful leaders within the legal field.

About the Program

Lead Law is a program that offers an opportunity for full-time undergraduate Ryerson students interested in the legal sector to learn about legal innovation, engage with leaders in the sector while expanding their professional network, and apply a mindset of innovation in their future career path.

The program will run over the course of a semester, not including final exam period, and will be broken down into 3 parts. Each part of the program will have an online component comprised of webinars and will have a corresponding event at the end of the month where participants will have a chance to network with thought leaders.

Program Breakdown


What 21st century law means, and how to be a leader in the shifting legal field.



Design thinking principles to help you achieve a new mindset to lead differently.


Creating a new narrative of what it means to be an agent in today’s legal system, with a focus on leadership, empathy, and most importantly the CONSUMER.

Why Join?

  • — An opportunity to learn more about the shift in the legal system and understand what 21st century law really means;
  • — As students who may be interested in working in the field of law, it is beneficial for you to understand why innovation matters; 
  • — A stepping stone to our Legal Innovation Bootcamp  where you can take these principles further and build out solutions for Access to Justice problems.


To apply to the LIZ Ambassador program, individuals must be:

  • — Full-time undergraduate Ryerson student


How much of a commitment is this program?

We know you have a lot going on so we’ve designed this program to be as flexible as possible with online pre-recorded webinars that you can watch on your own time. All that is asked is that you watch the webinar for each month in order to be able to attend the corresponding event with a guest speaker.

Do I have to be interested in going to law school or working in the legal field to join this program?

Of course not! While this program is focusing on innovation in the legal field, you can apply the principles taught to any endeavour in any field. Lead Law is about becoming changemakers who think and do differently!

How much does it cost?

Lead Law is free!

How is this program different than the Legal Innovation Bootcamp?

Lead Law is focused on introducing you to the first steps and basic principles of legal innovation. The Bootcamp takes these principles a step further and is slightly more intensive, where you go through the formal steps on applying innovation frameworks and build towards an actual legal innovation solution as a team.

What is the program criteria?

You must be a full-time undergraduate Ryerson student in order to be accepted in this program.

Can I choose which events to go to?

You must attend all three events within this program and complete all webinars.

What happens if I miss one of the webinars?

All webinars are pre-recorded so that you can watch when it fits with your schedule. You must watch each month’s webinar in order to receive an invite for the corresponding event, as each guest speaker will discuss the respective topics.


Questions? Email liz@ryerson.ca