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The Legal Innovation Zone (LIZ) is the first legal tech incubator with a focus on building better legal solutions for the consumers of legal services. The LIZ helps support, foster and develop solutions and techniques to improve legal services and the justice system.

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Our Startups

CiteRight Inc.
MinuteBox Inc.
Om Company
Optimize Legal
Three Lefts
Vesta Social Innovation Technologies


Automation Technology

Founded is a digital legal platform that makes it easy and affordable for entrepreneurs to start and run their business with confidence.

Customers: Small businesses, Law Firms, Banks


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Diligen streamlines due diligence by combining automatic contract review with collaborative project management.

Customers: Law Firms, Banks, Real Estate

Loom Analytics

Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics

A web-based legal analytics tool that helps lawyers and self-represented litigants identify trends in historical legal data.

CustomersLaw Firms, Insurance Companies


Simple UI/UX

Om is a legal software company that helps people create a legal will and other estate planning documents from the comfort of their home.

CustomersBanks, Law Firms, B2C


Blockchain, Smart Contracts

Rally’s cloud-based web application enables lawyers to automate their transactions and give them access to their data in an unprecedented way using smart contract tech.

CustomersLaw Firms, B2C, Governments


Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing

A tool for lawyers to collect and review evidence from their clients’ cell phones on-demand.

CustomersLaw Firms, Corporates

Destin AI

Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing

Eases the immigration process for immigrants and lawyers through the power of AI.

CustomersB2C, Law Firms

Get Quorum

Simple UI/UX

Helps condos reach meeting quorum, pass critical bylaws, and save money on notice package distribution costs.

CustomersCondos and Property Management

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