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Alexsei is a service for answering complex legal questions at scale. By design, we are aggregating the world’s legal research data in order to build a truly autonomous lawyer. Specifically, Alexsei is a web-based platform that provides a fast and affordable service for lawyers to get answers to their legal research questions and a user interface for lawyers to manage all their legal research data.

Market Need

As we all know, the law is highly complex, and finding answers to specific legal questions is costly and time-consuming, even for lawyers. Moreover, whenever a lawyer has to do legal research, they often know that someone else, perhaps in some other law firm or city, has most likely already done the specific research they need. This realization fostered a key insight that served as the genesis of Alexsei: software and the internet can eliminate redundancies in the way lawyers do legal research across the market, and, more importantly, AI will eventually allow for full automation of this task.


5 National Law Firm customers 15 total customers 10,000 questions answered.




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Samarth Bhasin, CTO

Mark Doble

Mark Doble