SectorProfessional Services
Revenue ModelB2C


A website that services both clients and lawyers: clients will post their issues online, where the lawyers can bid for it; lawyers also have the option of posting work that can be bid on by other lawyers.


Market Need

There is a widening gap in the affordability of legal services. Due to high pricing, prospective clients are more likely to not pursue the issue to its resolution or decide to be self-represented in court, which in turn backlogs the judicial system, as they are not efficient and are often ill-equipped to deal with complex issues. There are an increasing number lawyers on the market, with not enough work for everyone. This problem can be alleviated if there are more people offering legal services at a lower cost threshold.


Reworked the business plan; strategized a more efficient plan to bring to market; obtain funding; do a beta test; launch website; 100 lawyers sign up; 500 lawyers sign up; 1000 lawyers sign up; 2000 lawyers sign up.




Lawyers & clients



Jonathan Di Feo

Jonathan Di Feo