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We’re turning law firms’ flat file systems into an intelligent knowledge graph that lets lawyers see the big picture, reuse their colleagues’ work, and go home early.

Litigators have been saving work to their shared hard drives for more than twenty years, and they’re sitting on mountains of potentially useful documents. But unlike their colleagues who spend their days drafting contracts, litigators and legal researchers still don’t have good tools to recycle their prior work. Their law firms still waste millions of hours every year duplicating what their colleagues at the same firm have already done — manually copying and pasting text from one window to another. That takes time that clients won’t pay for anymore.

CiteRight lets litigators and legal researchers recycle their colleagues’ knowledge, experience, and successes. That lets them work faster and produce better work for their clients.

Market Need

In a competitive legal market where clients demand lower and more predictable fees, law firms need to find new ways to work efficiently and cost-effectively. Yet litigation and legal research still require hours of manual and repetitive steps to format documents and prepare them for court. The time required to complete those tasks can easily cost law firms $360,000 per year.


CiteRight’s beta will launch in the first quarter of 2018




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CiteRight Inc.


Aaron Wenner

Aaron Wenner