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Give a person a contract and you help a person for a day; teach a person to draft and you help that person for a lifetime. -Rajah Lehal is the internet’s most highly annotated legal library. We help emerging and small businesses access fundamental legal agreements at an affordable price. Our platform provides entrepreneurs the agreements necessary to operate a successful business, in addition to the integrated knowledge that enables the drafter to understand the task at hand and adapt the agreement to their business’ needs. For $10 per month, provides users full access to its database of legal agreements, drafting software, and educational blog content. As emerging and small businesses continue to have difficulty accessing the corporate legal system, provides a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs to support their own business’ legal needs necessary to achieve growth in today’s complex marketplace.

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Access to justice is one of the greatest threats facing Canadian democracy. Access to justice issues are typically discussed in the context of criminal, family, or civil law. Limited access to affordable legal services impacts businesses of all sizes throughout Canada. Entrepreneurs often struggle to gain access to the protections and growth mechanisms available through the Canadian legal system. provides an affordable alternative for emerging and established entrepreneurs. There is no substitute for expert legal advice. However, by using’s platform, entrepreneurs are able to avoid or delay the need to hire expensive lawyers, or to compress the amount of expert advice that is required on a particular matter.’s platform provides the knowledge, agreements, and drafting tools necessary for entrepreneurs to provide themselves with improved legal protections and growth tools. Whether a business is looking to incorporate, raise capital, hire employees, or establish distribution with a supplier, has high level resources and knowledge available to pursue any business goal!


Private Beta Launch Summer 2015


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Rajah Lehal

Rajah Lehal

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