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coSquare is a Q&A platform with a mission to make legal advice more accessible. Anyone can ask legal questions and get answers from licensed lawyers, curated to their inbox.

No more awkward over the phone consultations, and sifting through piles of irrelevant legal advice on Google.

Market Need

95% of the population cannot afford legal services. Meanwhile, lawyers are struggling to establish the credibility and a track record needed to gain trust with prospective clients.


We are developing a Q&A platform, where individuals and businesses can ask legal questions, and get answers from licensed lawyers. All questions are anonymous, and are matched with lawyers based on geography and the area of their professional expertise. Think about coSquare as "Quora for Legal Help."


coSquare is available to all Canadians seeking legal help. We welcome lawyers, paralegals, law students, legal clinics, and various other pro-bono organizations to become legal contributors.



Vadim Lidich

Vadim Lidich