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LawHero is a legal marketplace that connects self-represented litigants (SRL) to Legal Coaches. Legal coaching lowers the cost of going to court, and improves outcomes for individuals representing themselves in a legal action. Via the LawHero platform, users connect with Legal Coaches (Lawyers), to get help with discrete tasks i.e. drafting pleadings, procedural advice, case assessments, legal research, court room preparation etc…. Users only pay for the support they need, typically at a reduced hourly rate, and can go to court prepared, informed, and achieve better outcomes for themselves.

Market Need

In Canada/US, as many as 2/3rds of litigants appear in court in matters as important as evictions, mortgage foreclosures, child custody and support proceedings, and debt collections cases, without the assistance of a lawyer because they aren’t able to afford it. LawHero addresses an unmet market need by connecting SRL’s to legal coaches, who provide the necessary support that enables SRL’s to be successful when representing themselves in court, by eliminating the biggest barrier to access to justice – cost!


Legal Markeplace


Anyone that can't afford to pay a lawyer $300-500 per hour for an undefined period of time (which is everyone!)



Grace-Emily Saati

Grace-Emily Saati