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Legalicity is the maker of NLPatent, an AI-powered patent analysis tool that automates the prior art search process. Think of it as your personal AI patent examiner – it drastically reduces the time and cost of patent search services, while increasing the quality and accuracy of the search results.

Market Need

In patent law, a prior art search involves looking up existing patents (issued or pending) and non-patent literature (e.g. articles in scientific journals). Prior art search serves several important purposes, such as determining the patentability of a proposed invention, assessing the risk of a company being sued for patent infringement if their product goes to market (this is called a freedom-to-operate analysis), and reviewing the validity of a patent after it is granted. Conventional methods of searching for prior art, i.e. doing a keyword search in public patent databases, are time-consuming and ineffective. Given the volume and complexity of patent documents out there in the public domain, it’s incredibly difficult to find relevant prior art within a reasonable time frame. As a result, prior art searches are very costly and often fail to uncover the most important documents.


September 2017: completed prototype with a subset of patent data
November 2017: – completed beta testing with several IP firms and an R&D department




Patent lawyers/agents, R&D departments, national patent offices, universities, patent search companies, individual inventors



Yaroslav Riabinin

Yaroslav Riabinin