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Leveraging automation, Optimize Legal is transforming complex legislation into accessible legal information products. We simplify the process for tracking changes and ensuring compliance. Our mission is to break down Canada’s legislation and regulations into manageable components. We want our customers to easily find the laws that are relevant to them, and understand how these laws affect them, their organization and their clients.

Market Need

At the heart of Canada’s legal system are thousands of statutes and regulations. These laws vary from one province to the next, can be incredibly complex and are continually evolving. To ensure compliance with this myriad of rules and requirements, businesses and lawyers must spend countless hours tracking and reviewing the legislation.


Optimize Compliance MVP to launch Fall 2019.


Optimize Compliance, Optimize Employment, Optimize Pensions


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Optimize Legal


Lesha Van Der Bij

Lesha Van Der Bij

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Gayle Wadden

Gayle Wadden

Chief Legal Officer