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Rally’s automation software is based on our advanced smart contract and document automation technology. Our focus in on routine transactions that are starting to be offered on a flat-fee basis and have lower variability in their execution in different transactions. While Rally is practice-area agnostic, as we believe our tech can be used in every lawyer specialty, we expect most our customers to be solicitors as their transactions are better suited to automation. Presently Rally works by lawyers submitting us their transaction templates and our tech team maps the transaction onto our data model and uploading it to the lawyer(s) Rally account.

Not unlike many other automation programs, Rally then enables its users to log into their account, fill in variables then render their transaction in PDF and Word form. What makes Rally different is twofold: our data model has been built in a way that allows us to automate even the most complex transactions with many documents, and the transaction is stored in a machine-readable format. By rendering documents in machine-readable code in addition to the traditional Word and PDF formats, Rally gives their lawyer users access to their data in an unprecedented way. With the transactions in its machine-readable form, down the road lawyers will be able to generate documents automatically, track data in documents at the clause and variable level, and partially or fully automate subsequent matters for their client. Rally’s long term goal is to use this technology to provide 10x efficiency gains in the completion of routine legal work.


Market Need

Rally recognizes the trend of more lawyers and practice groups offering flat-fee billing as the market puts pressure on the billable hour. Rally sees an opportunity for lawyers to significantly increase their efficiency in completing these routine transactions by using Rally’s tech, thereby increasing their effective billable hour on these deals.



Raise $500,000 pre-seed round by early 2019.


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Daniel Di Maria

Daniel Di Maria

Co-Founder & CEO

Scott Stevenson

Scott Stevenson

Co-Founder & CTO