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ThreeLeft is a technology company specializing in bringing electronic contracts to the masses. With high level experience in Blockchain technology, in both the Etherium and Hyperledger with their proprietary technology StonePaper, ThreeLefts has migrated multiple companies through the Blockchain revolution. By removing the need of centralized databases StonePaper allows multiple companies to work together to both share legal document, but also develop processes in which money and intellectual property can be safely and securely transferred between sub licensor or licensor, lessor and lessee, or even investor and ICO.

Market Need

As the market becomes more decentralized with more and more companies relying on a multitude of subcontractors to complete projects, the needs of individuals and corporation to share legal documents in a safe and easy way increases. When designing projects it is not uncommon for a company to be employing 10-15 different subcontractors all of which have to share information, assets and costs, and all of which want the privacy to make sure that their information isn’t being shared with competitors or other companies in the project’s network. Stonepaper simplifies this process allowing an individual to individually permission, sign, and secure electronic documents that are stored in a decentralized, permissioned blockchain. This allows different users to know that a document was filled out “correctly” without knowing the complete context of the document, providing the security to show that work has been done correctly without reading the contents. This simplifies everything lowering the legal costs associated with both big and small projects but also since electronic contracts are processed automatically allows for profits to be distributed automatically through the network at the time of the cash injection. This not only lowers the time money sits in escrow but also allow for the customer to purchase intellectual property in much smaller blocks.


Developed API 2016

Developed Marijuana Exchange 2016

Developed Online Contract API 2017

Released first ICO 2017



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