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We’re building a digital signature and notarization platform that uses facial recognition AI and blockchain tethers to create verifiable digital signatures and digital notary stamps for legal documents. Our secure authentication and the ability to produce original copies of digital documents allows you to sign documents that could never be signed electronically before.
Our solution rests on two principles; Blockchain tethers and facial recognition AI. We use facial recognition AI to capture the signing process so a signatory can be immediately identified alongside their signature. We then attach a document, signature, and references to facial checks to the blockchain so we can always produce the original document, unalterable, time-stamped and authenticated.
With these features, we prove who signed the document, when they signed it, and permanently produce an original copy of the signed contract. Vaultie authentication reduces the risk of fraud, allowing a lawyer to have documents signed electronically that might have been too risky to have signed electronically before. Our application also breaks down significant costs associated with geographic barriers that make traditional notarization and authenticated signatures very expensive.

Market Need

Digital signatures, as they are currently used in the market are porous. It’s difficult to verify the signatories of a digital document, and even more difficult to verify that a copy of a document is, in fact, the original unaltered copy. The digital signature market is a US$ 15B industry. However, every year 1.2B documents get notarized in the US, which all the require pen-to-paper signatures. The notary industry has a market size of US$32B, this is before factoring in other documents that require in-ink signatures such as wills, codicils, negotiable instruments, powers of attorney and many more. With the increased security attached to the signatures, Vaultie hopes to be able to offer the first digital notary seal in North America and be able to sign these sensitive documents digitally for the first time.


Prototype (May 2019), Testing (Q3 2019), Launch (Q1 2020), Revenue (Q1 2020)



Dmitry Semenovskiy

Dmitry Semenovskiy

CEO & Co-Founder

Meyer Mechanic

Meyer Mechanic

COO & Co-Founder