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Due to the extreme need for tech workers in Canada and around the world and how difficult it is to navigate the immigration process, Visto created a free platform to help tech workers navigate the process from start to finish. This means help determining eligibility, preparing and submitting your application, finding a job in your new home as well as other services to make your move easier, like a bank account, apartment, cell phone and more.

Market Need

The market for tech talent in Canada has never been more competitive, with a reported shortage of 216,000 tech workers by 2021. To respond to this shortage, the Government of Canada has committed to bringing over 1 million immigrants to Canada in the next 3 years. Unfortunately, navigating the immigration process is difficult, stressful and expensive (if you want professional help). Visto solves all of the above by making reliable immigration help affordable, and providing Canadian employers with an untapped supply of talent that can start working for them right away.


We help tech workers navigate the immigration process from start to finish, and provide Canadian employers and other service providers the opportunity to connect with amazing newcomers to our country!


We love to work with tech workers from around the world who are serious about moving to Canada and starting a new life here.



Josh Schachnow

Josh Schachnow