Diligen dramatically streamlines the legal due diligence.


Diligen is a legal technology company with software that dramatically improves the due diligence process for M&A and Corporate Finance transactions at larger law firms. Diligen streamlines due diligence by combining automatic contract review with collaborative project management. Using the latest machine learning algorithms, it reviews thousands of complex documents at a time, rapidly extracting key provisions with pinpoint accuracy. It allows you to assign documents and track progress with ease, even if the transaction is being worked on by multiple offices across the globe.

Market Need

Due diligence has historically been a slow, painstaking and repetitive process that is nevertheless extremely important to get right. With an increasing move towards fixed or alternative fee arrangements, law firms are under pressure to find ways of streamlining their processes while maintaining their high standards of quality. Through artificial intelligence and deep project management capability, Diligen gets due diligence done dramatically faster, while increasing accuracy. The results are higher margins, more competitive pricing and happier clients. Sophisticated technology is rapidly changing the legal landscape. Increasingly, the ability to leverage game-changing technology is the competitive edge for law firms. Diligen can ensure your firm stays ahead of the curve.