Evichat is an eDiscovery platform used by lawyers to retrieve and review social media and SMS data to be used at trial.


Evichat is an eDiscovery tool that allows lawyers to efficiently collect and review mobile communications and social media data from litigants - reducing costs, resources, and time spent on the file. Our top-down scrolling interface allows lawyers to review collected data/evidence as it would appear on the mobile device itself, making review easy and natural.

Market Need

Currently clients are printing out large amounts of SMS messages or emailing screen shots to their lawyers. A 3 minute SMS conversation can translate to almost 20 pages of printed text. This is inefficient and costly. Evichat saves hours of time and money by simplifying the collection and review process of mobile messages and social media data. Lawyers can use Evichat to “ctrl-F” search through their client’s data to find exactly what they are looking for and what will be relevant at trial. For family law files, lawyers can use Evichat to monitor their client’s spousal communications live, eliminating those dreaded, “he said/she said” calls. More and more communication is now done through mobile devices - it’s time lawyers caught up to what their clients are doing!