LegalCafe provides an online platform for practicing lawyers to connect, contribute and develop.


LegalCafe, as the name suggests, is a warm and inviting place for lawyers to connect and support each other quickly and easily, at home or on their smartphones. What makes this idea unique is that it fosters the creation of an online legal community through technological innovation, cost-effectiveness and profit sharing.

Market Need

LegalCafe aims to solve the following three problems: (1) Poor support networks: Without strong networking, or large firm support, lawyers, especially new lawyers, are often left without a proper support network. This has the potential of impacting quality of service for clients. (2) Redundant Research and Cost: Often times lawyers are looking for answers hundreds of other lawyers have already researched. (3) Community: Memberships to the various legal bar associations can be cost prohibitive especially for new lawyers. In addition to the annual fees which range in the hundreds of dollars, members are often expected to pay for the various events they attend. Our goal is to leverage technological innovation to create an online and effective community with low cost to members.