Do it yourself kit for fighting traffic tickets.


Many Canadians fight traffic tickets every year. For the majority of those who choose to self-represent, they don't even know where to begin. Legally Inc. seeks to empower self-represented litigants fight their traffic ticket through our first initiative, Take Charge. Take Charge is a messaging bot that will guide users from the day they get their traffic ticket to the day of their trial. The service offers techniques to users which will give them the confidence to construct a defense and in doing so, level the playing field for self-represented litigants.

Market Need

Every year, approximately 1.3 million Ontario drivers are convicted under the Highway Traffic Act. The vast majority of these people represent themselves and face the full force of the law without any guidance or legal counsel. While it is possible to do research online, such resources can be untrustworthy, dense and are often more confusing than helpful. Take Charge will help those who are forced to self-represent, giving them a fighting chance in a setting where the presumption of innocence often does not apply.