ParDONE is an online platform that gives people with a criminal record a second chance at success by reducing the cost, time, and complication of the record suspension application.


ParDONE is a platform that is designed to give people with a criminal record a second chance at success by reducing the cost and time of the record suspension application. To achieve this, ParDONE will automate the record suspension process, while keeping the client updated at every step of the process. ParDONE comes at a low cost and a wide reach. ParDONE will offer Record Suspension services for $299 and US entry Waivers for $349. Our product will not only serve individuals in metropolitan cities, but also serve rural communities. Our online platform is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. We have identified Aboriginals with criminal records as a large market segment we want to target.

Market Need

About 10 per cent of Canadians—over three million people—have a criminal record. A suspension doesn’t erase a record, but can make it easier to get a job, travel, and succeed in society. The cost of applying for a suspension quadrupled from $150 to $631 to ensure full cost recovery under the last government. Even if applicants can afford the $631 fee, the procedure is still daunting. Most individuals can’t afford to take days off to obtain police and court records in person. The federal government recognized the issue and called on the public on its input through its ‘Public Consultation: Parole Board of Canada Record Suspension User Fee.’ However, the reduction in the application costs alone will not assist affected individuals. Record suspension services charge up to $899 plus disbursements to file the application on the customer’s behalf. Reputable organizations such as “Pardons Canada” and “Pardon Applications of Canada” charge between $575 and $695 for their services. If you add the US entry waiver to the package, clients will incur an additional charge ranging between $665 and $770 plus processing fees. The total cost of a record suspension and US entry waiver can often exceed $2000, and is out of reach for many individuals seeking a fresh start.