Scrive is a web application that connects transcript ordering parties to Authorized Court Transcriptionist on demand.


Scrive is an easy-to-use web application, that streamlines the court transcript ordering process. Orders are matched in real-time to the availability of an authorized court transcriptionist. Court transcriptionist are notified of the work and are then given the option of accepting or declining. If there is a decline, the system will simply go through the process again until a match is found. All matching happens instantly. Once accepted and work is complete, payment is processed automatically.

Market Need

The Ministry of Attorney General has implemented a new system for transcript production where transcripts will now be produced by Authorized Court Transcriptionist. Those ordering have to refer to a directory known as the list. The process of actively looking for a reliable, competent, and available transcriptionist becomes a lengthy and frustrating pursuit for lawyers, law firms, legal assistants and clerks. The directory itself is static, and availability as well the reliability of the transcriptionist are unknown. Scrive is all about taking control of this process by creating a system of transparency, reliability, and efficiency.