Small Claims Wizard guides you through the Ontario Small Claims Court process step-­by-­step


The Small Claims Wizard is an innovative online software aimed at increasing access to legal services and creating an equal playing field for all litigants. The purpose of the software is to decrease the monetary, technical, linguistic obstacles associated with access to Ontario Small Claims Court. It is designed for the self-represented litigant who is overwhelmed and confused by the current method of commencing, defending, litigating, settling and enforcing a claim. The software aims to facilitate and simplify the process of accessing the Small Claims Court for civil cases thereby saving litigants time, money and peace of mind.

Market Need

Many parties cannot afford the legal fees charged by lawyers and also do not have the knowledge or resources to navigate the Small Claims Court system on their own. The Small Claims Wizard supports plaintiffs and defendants who wish to be self-represented and at the same time want legal guidance in commencing, defending, litigating, enforcing and settling a claim.