Legal Innovation Bootcamp – Student Takeaways

Student groups pitch their innovative idea to a panel of judges.

Written by Dorsa Eshtehardian and Deborah Jesus.

The legal technology industry is a growing field led by people from diverse backgrounds. Through the Legal Innovation Bootcamp, Ryerson students from many disciplines learn about the field and discover how disruptive technologies are changing the legal industry. For an insider’s view, we asked bootcamp participants to share their experience and takeaways. Our students agreed on one thing: the bootcamp is a unique opportunity, not to be missed!

Be Part of a Unique Experiential Learning Program

The Legal Innovation Bootcamp offers undergraduate students a truly unique experience, not found anywhere else. Through a series of immersive sessions, students are exposed to growth-oriented tools, opportunities, and challenges. The program pushes students to think outside of the box, to pursue their own creativity, and to develop their innovative ideas.

“As a new employee in a legal tech startup, the Legal Innovation Zone Bootcamp helped crystallize many of the higher-level concepts at play when working in such an environment. My contribution to my workplace has, as a result, become more meaningful as I am mindful of design thinking and can constantly engage in ideation to improve our products. The Bootcamp was also effective at showing how legal tech is being employed not only by start-ups but also by big law. Exciting times lay ahead for the industry and I feel better prepared to weather the ups and downs having done the Bootcamp.” – Sahil Kanaya, 4th Year Law and Business Student at Ryerson University.

Develop Your Knowledge and Skills into a Business Idea

Through hands-on workshop sessions, Legal Innovation Bootcamp students learn how to apply concepts and technologies into their own innovative business ideas. Students gain and build on essential skills that will help them in both their professional and personal growth.

“The LIZ Bootcamp changed my life. Right around the time of the bootcamp I was considering starting a startup. The Bootcamp gave me the tools I needed to get it going. Thanks to LIZ, my company is getting ready to launch our prototype!” – Erich Ko, 3rd Year Law and Business Student at Ryerson University.

Create and Expand Your Network

As you may know, Toronto is one of the world’s leading cities in the legal tech arena. At the Legal Innovation Bootcamp, participants connect with LIZ member startups that are changing the industry. It’s a great way to learn directly from experts developing state-of-the-art technology.

“I joined the LIZ Bootcamp hoping to gain new insight on careers in the legal-tech industry, but my experience offered me a lot more.  The best part about my experience was being able to meet entrepreneurs and industry professionals who were always glad to chat and answer questions, and helped me expand my understanding of the different opportunities available in the legal field. ”Dina Yaghi, 4th year, Law and Business.

Get an insider’s look into the Legal Tech Community

Disruption. Artificial Intelligence. Design Thinking. Blockchain. We are constantly seeing these terms in the news, but what do they mean? Or better, how are they being used? Through the Legal Innovation Bootcamp, participants are invited into the centre of the legal tech community, to see what is developing, and to understand the potential yet to be unleashed.

“Regardless of what program you’re in, I would recommend this bootcamp to any Ryerson student. If you’re interested in anything from the law, technology or even business, there is great opportunity to learn and expand your skills through this program. On top of that, I’ve met the most amazing people, it looks great on your resume and it’s free! The LIZ Bootcamp was simply an experience I will never forget.” Aiman Farooq, 4th year Criminology Student at Ryerson University.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur passionate about creating legal solutions or a student who is looking to learn more about the world of legal tech innovation, the Legal Innovation Bootcamp is the perfect opportunity for you to discover what’s changing in the legal industry and to explore new opportunities.

Explore the world of innovation, gain valuable skills, and create meaningful connections. Apply today to be part of this exclusive program. The Legal Innovation Bootcamp is accepting applications until October 7th, 2018. Read more about the program and submit your application here.

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