Marketing and Communications Coordinator

PostedAugust 21, 2020
DeadlineSeptember 30, 2020
PositionFull Time, Paid
Loom Analytics


Loom is extracting metadata from Canadian case law to provide analytics such as win/loss rates and publication times based on factors such as the facts of the case, type of motion or trial and the judge or master who heard the case. These historical statistics are extracted using a combination of machine learning and lawyers.

Job Description

We are looking to expand our sales and marketing team and we’re looking for a sharp individual with a desire to grow with a fast-moving company. The Marketing and Communications Coordinator will work with the CEO and the sales team to create content and coordinate marketing activities.  This is an excellent opportunity for career growth into technology/SaaS marketing. While we have the flexibility to work from home, the role requires you to come into our office at Yonge & Sheppard occasionally. This position is funded by a youth grant, and the eligible candidate will need to meet the criteria listed at

Job summary

Coordinate with the CEO, Solutions and Sales team, to execute the day-to-day marketing and public relations initiatives for the company in support of the Loom marketing and communications plan, through various media outlets. Assist in the development and implementation of marketing and publicity campaigns and materials to grow Loom’s audience base, build Loom’s profile and reputation, maintain the public perception of Loom as a thought leader in the data management and analytics space and generate media coverage and publicity. Work with the Loom team in the research, writing, editing and distribution of press and advertising materials, the Loom website, social media, brochures, and other forms of written communication, including:

  • – Social media management
  • – Video content creation/coordination
  • – Blog/article writing & coordination with team members
  • – Newsletter creation and publication
  • – Webinars (coordination of marketing material, communication)
  • – Infographics

Job requirements and responsibilities

  1. Supports the planning and implementation of marketing and communication initiatives to enhance the public profile of the Loom
    1. Creates Loom annual marketing and communications plan, with input from other team members.
    2. Coordinates and implements marketing and communications projects in conjunction with strategies, timelines, and task lists developed in consultation with the CEO.
    3. Executes and occasionally initiates cross-marketing partnerships with organizations inside and outside North America. This includes outreach and marketing exchanges to establish reciprocal promotional activities, such as brochure exchange, eNews cross-promotion, and social media partnerships.
  2. Assists in the design and development of marketing materials
    1. Coordinates the development of print and online marketing materials (e.g. advertisements, posters, brochures, newsletters, event e-vites, online listings for events and projects, etc.) in consultation with the Loom CEO and other Loom professionals.
    2. Designs and/or assists with the design of select marketing materials, e.g. ads, posters and social media materials. Uses existing design formats to generate standardized marketing materials.
    3. Drafts press releases and other marketing materials for review by the Loom team, using existing internal material and conducting research as necessary.
    4. Coordinates internal and external feedback and approvals at all stages of the project, and incorporates changes to produce final copy.
  3. Maintains Loom website and social media network
    1. Plans and executes Loom’s communications on social media sites in order to maintain our status as a thought leader in Data Management innovation.
    2. Initiates campaigns and conversations to engage companies and generate interest in events and activities.
    3. Monitors and analyzes metrics on trends and effectiveness; prepares regular reports and updates, and makes relevant recommendations to the Loom team.
    4. Acts as administrator for the Loom website. Maintains and uploads content, identifies information that requires updating, and drafts web copy for review and approval from members of the Loom teams.
    5. Identifies opportunities to improve the website in terms of overall format, design and functionality, conducts necessary research, and makes appropriate recommendations to the Loom team.


Minimum level of education and specialty/discipline required

  • – Completion of a post-secondary diploma or at least 3 years of specialized training in the Arts, Communications, Marketing, or in a relevant field.

Minimum number of years and type/area of experience required given minimum education requirement

  • – At least three (3) years of relevant work experience in the start-up/media/insurance to include at least one year of relevant experience in a marketing and communications position.

Required skills and demonstrated knowledge

  • – Knowledge of digital and print marketing;
  • – Knowledge of the global trends in data management/analytics and innovation;
  • – Writing and editorial skills;
  • – Strong communication and research skills;
  • – Computer skills.
  • – Ability to use no-code design tools such as Invision, Canva, Moovly