Corporate Partnerships

The Legal Innovation Zone at Ryerson University works with companies, law firms, governments and organizations to help propel their legal innovation agendas. Partner with us to drive technological or systemic change within your organization, the world of law and justice in Canada.


Partner with us to embrace an entrepreneurial approach to driving positive change in your organization. Unlock the power of innovation to transform legal services with a focus on consumers.

  • Discover and ideate around potential solutions that align with your organization’s goals. Collaborate through a diverse range of perspectives to discover untapped opportunities.
  • Validate solutions with a focus on impact and market need. Refine unstructured ideas into well defined concepts.
  • Execute for success. Ideas by themselves have zero impact. Implement the solutions to keep your company moving forward.
Innovation Insights

Stay ahead by tapping into the knowledge and expertise of the Legal Innovation Zone.

  • Learn the newest trends and technologies affecting the legal industry by pairing with leaders whose insights are driving innovation in law.
  • Expand your business potential with an exclusive view into the influences shaping the legal industry of tomorrow.
  • Gain access to the cutting edge technology being developed around the world that is creating efficient and affordable legal solutions.

Our Partners

Through various partnerships and engagements, the LIZ has established itself as a global hub for innovation within the legal industry. In recognition of our innovative approach to the sector, we have formed several partnerships and helped organizations become globally recognized for driving innovation.

Ontario Bar Association
Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario
Law Foundation of Ontario
Ryerson University
Canadian Bureau for International Education
Zone Learning
Startup School