Incubation Program

An incubation program for legal tech startups developing innovative products and disruptive business models. We help market ready companies create a sustainable path to accelerated growth.

The incubator supports companies that have a developed product and are already in the market with early sales. This program puts a focus on helping startups find their product-market fit and building an effective growth plan.

Accepted companies are expected to have at least one founder committed full-time to the Zone, actively engaging with the programming.

Program Breakdown

Market Positioning
Refine your go-to-market strategy to uniquely position yourself in the market

Growth Focus
Develop an effective sales strategy from the top of the funnel to fully signed-up customers

Investment Ready
Learn how to navigate the financing rounds to facilitate your growth

Build an effective operational structure and influence a positive company culture as you grow your business

What to Expect

Connect with an active roster of experts and industry leaders to help support your startup journey

Customer Validation
As a global hub for legal innovation, LIZ has helped over 50 startups refine and validate the market need for their solutions

Engage with an exclusive community of legal innovators in a unique environment setup for collaboration and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing

Startup Member Benefits:

The LIZ members have access to a variety of exclusive membership benefits including:

  • Catered connections to experts, advisors and industry leaders for startup development;
  • Collaborative environment and peer-to-peer knowledge transfer;
  • Educational workshops and networking opportunities catered to the community;
  • Connections to Ryerson University resources, researchers and talent;
  • Co-working space in an unbeatable downtown Toronto location;
  • Designated workstations, WiFi and access to fully equipped meeting rooms, event space and technology.


To become a member of the LIZ community, a startup must have:

  • A legal system or technology based innovation that delivers value based solutions for their identified market;
  • The company must have a developed product in the market with early sales/users;
  • Full-time commitment, with at least one founder actively engaging with the LIZ community and programming (you are expected to move into the LIZ);
  • Companies with a potential to grow and scale to achieve high impact in the sector;
  • A validated business idea and team that fits with the LIZ’s collaborative community;
  • A “lean canvas” business model and an effective pitch.

Applications are reviewed and accepted on a monthly basis.
Max incubation period of up to 16 months.

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Company Goals

What are your company goals for the next 12 months?

Please fill out this lean canvas template, save it as a pdf file, and send it to us as part of your application.