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Codify Legal Publishing was born out of a desire to make the law more accessible, affordable and efficient. Codify brings automation to complex legal workflows, applying standardization and scale to several key tasks, including: the monitoring and reporting of changes to legislation and regulations, and the drafting of legal documents.

Market Need

Law is complex and expensive. Lawyers, librarians, judges, professors, legal publishers, and business people who need to stay abreast of the law or perform complex legal tasks will benefit from Codify’s powerful tools. By providing easy access to foundational yet extremely difficult components of law, we enable users to do legal work that would have previously taken days or weeks in hours or minutes.


Completed first round of seed financing in July 2015. Partnered with two national law firms on the development of automated contracts and automated legislative updates systems in fall of 2016. Completed second round of seed financing in May 2017.


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Law firms, In-house legal teams, businesses, legal publishers and librarians

Codify Legal Publishing


Paolo Tonelli

Paolo Tonelli

CEO and Founder