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Destin is the first comprehensive and unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered integrated platform and chatbot solution. Its purpose is to create a pleasant experience for everyone on their new journey to Canada. Destin closes the gap between the lawyers and immigrants and access to information in an unbiased, affordable and convenient way.

Our platform will ensure that you receive fast and accurate answers to your questions, and your progress is transparent and trackable. After detecting your eligibility, If you wish to prepare your own documents, we will guide you through the process and smart fillable documents will ease your life. You will also have an opportunity to get connected to lawyers based on your needs so that your application is prepared correctly and expediently.

Market Need

Statistics show that 45 million people around the world who wish to move to Canada. Each year, the Canadian government accepts 300,000 immigrants each year.


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Nargiz Mammadova

Nargiz Mammadova

Founder & CEO