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We are former estate lawyers who believe that planning for the future and protecting your family shouldn’t cost a fortune. That’s why we started Epilogue.

Like a lot of people, the need to have a Will really hit home for us once we started having families of our own. When we practiced as estate lawyers we saw a lot of people, young and old, struggling to get theirs done. Everyone knew they should have a Will, they just didn’t feel they had the time or the knowledge to get started.

We created Epilogue to be simple, affordable, and light on legal jargon in the hopes that more people will feel empowered to plan for the future and protect their loved ones.

Market Need

There are currently over ten million adults in Canada without an up-to-date Will. By making the Will-making process more understandable, accessible, and affordable, Epilogue hopes that it can help solve this problem without sacrificing correctness or comprehensiveness.


Epilogue is a web-based tool that guides individuals through the process of creating custom, legally-binding Wills, Powers of Attorney, and other documents to cover incapacity and end-of-life planning.


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