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Legalswipe is an app for both Apple and Android devices which provides users with legal education. It is created primarily for youth from low-income and racialized backgrounds. The app is not meant to replace the counsel of law professionals or replace grassroots legal clinics but rather, places legal information at the fingertips of students, community workers, educators, and the general public. The legal information provided includes an overview of citizen rights based on specific situations for use during simulation and interactions with law enforcement. In addition to disseminating information, the app allows users to film and immediately send encounters straight to their Dropbox. It also sends a personalized message with the user’s geographic location to pre-designated emergency contacts. The app development is informed by extensive community engagement.

Market Need

Findings suggest that the general public does not have an understanding of their basic legal rights. This has a substantial impact on marginalized communities who are exposed to a heightened risk of vulnerability and criminalization given their increased interactions with police. All Canadians deserve access to justice by which citizens are able to acquire information about legal matters, obtain legal services, resolve disputes through informal mechanisms, and take full advantage of their legal rights. Legalswipe fills this gap by providing accessible public legal education.


Legalswipe was launched in June 2015. In our first two months, the app was downloaded over 15,000 times. Legalswipe has been featured on CBC, Global News, CP24 and CTV.


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Christien Levien

Christien Levien