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00MYP© provides streamlined way to obtain development and land use-planning information on a property level. MapYourProperty is considered the next Zillow or for land and real estate development. Our online platform simplifies the process of collecting regulatory and governmental planning information by conducting assessment of a property in minutes. By using our interactive platform, real estate developers and planners save days of effort hunting down information in government offices. Customers simply search by address on MYP©’s online platform and view different maps overlaid on the property of interest. Furthermore, a full “feasibility” real estate report can be generated for any property. MYP©’s tools display land use values, such as city zoning, official plan, protected environmental and water features, in a matter of minutes using powerful cloud data solutions.

Market Need

Our product provides clients in the real estate industry with a quick and streamlined method of assessing land development and acquisition. Today, a majority of staffs’ resources are consumed in identifying the appropriate regulations and frequently contacting government agencies to receive accurate information on a property. Gathering data and corresponding with a government source can lead to delays of one to two weeks for a basic inquiry. MapYourProperty eliminates the manual process of aggregating regulatory information into a single platform. Our online services reduces this process down to one hour using automated scripts to conduct the same analysis. Professional staff can screen more potential properties for development in a shorter amount of time using MapYourProperty software.


Acquired the largest high-rise and home developers as customers within 3 months of launching.


Real Estate Analytics for Real Estate and Land Development


Real Estate law and developers, planning engineering firms



Devin Tu

Devin Tu

CBO & Co-Founder